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The Best Overland Camping Destinations for Nature Lovers

Overlanding is an epic adventure with endless opportunities for exploration. This nimble method of camping requires an off-road vehicle, combining travel and lodging in one. It allows you to explore locations that are less accessible when hiking or driving a traditional car. Overlanding is much more off-grid and remote than camping. 

The Differences Between Overlanding and Camping 

In traditional camping, campers drive to a campsite and set up a tent. They may have access to amenities like running water, bathrooms, and electricity. Not all camping is glamorous, but in general, camping involves a brief stay in nature. Overlanding is more like a journey. 

However, both have some unwritten rules in common: 

  • Leave no trace 
  • Be prepared 
  • Respect local cultures and wildlife 
  • Tread lightly 
  • Respect local laws 
  • Prioritize safety 

Following camping regulations, either official or unwritten, is incredibly important. Maintaining respect for local nature and people is critical! This ensures that everyone can keep enjoying camping in the future.   

Overlanders travel almost like turtles—they carry their home with them. Whether using a rooftop tent, car camping, or sleeping in a trailer, your rig is both your vehicle and your home.  

When overland camping, you’ll be self-sustaining in the wilderness. This is what makes it such an appealing activity to adventure-seekers. Overlanding is like setting off on a great voyage.  

18 Beautiful Overland Camping Destinations

The best places to overland camp are remote, scenic locations with terrain that’s just challenging enough to be fun. Some of the best camping in the world is only accessible to overlanders. Here are a few of our favorite places to overland camp near beautiful natural settings.  

North America 

  1. Acadia National Park Loop, Maine 

Northeast America is beautifully scenic. These cliffs on Maine’s coast are a lovely place to go overlanding.  

  1. All Over Mexico 

That wasn’t a typo—you truly can’t go wrong overlanding in Mexico. This country offers many of ecosystems and terrains to satisfy any adventurer’s taste.  

  1. Crater Lake, Oregon 

The Pacific Northwest is famously beautiful, and North American overlanders shouldn’t miss a chance to see Crater Lake. The terrain is rugged but manageable and the vistas will blow your mind. 

  1. Hill Country, Texas 

The United States doesn’t only have mountains to offer its overland campers. Texas’ hill country is full of rural beauty, as well as multiple creek and river crossings. 

  1. Ocala National Forest, Florida 

This ecosystem is unlike any other in the mainland United States. You’ll see lakes, springs, and wildlife, and get to drive on sandy and wet terrain. The Ocala National Forest also boasts the largest sand pine scrub forest globally.  

  1. The Canadian Rocky Mountains 

Black bear, caribou, and hot springs are all waiting for you in Canada’s Rockies. You’ll be able to canoe the Yukon or climb the peaks.  

  1. The Outer Banks, North Carolina 

The beaches in the OBX are lovely, and their dunes, lighthouses, and wildlife don’t disappoint either.  

  1. Valley of the Gods, Utah 

This southwest gem is full of buttes and sandstone formations. This is a great route for beginners, though the stone can be slippery in rain.  

South America 

  1. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia 

The world’s largest salt flats might not sound gorgeous, but this place is full of surreal beauty.  


  1. Kalahari Desert 

This savannah expedition will be the trip of a lifetime. Overlanders will experience wildlife galore up close.  

  1. Sinai Desert 

View the Pyramids and Sphinx as you overland camp your way through Egypt.  

  1. Southern Madagascar 

From night safaris to sea views, southern Madagascar is full of beautiful offerings for overland visitors.  


  1. Thailand 

If you love Thai takeout and overlanding, you must visit. You can’t fully experience Thailand’s beaches and landscapes through pictures.  

  1. The Dead Sea 

Jordan is another beautiful country with deep historic significance. Make sure you stop by the Dead Sea to take a break from the car!  

  1. The Silk Road 

This historic route is a wonderful place to learn about trade. You’ll also experience the beauty of multiple Asian countries.  


  1. Simpson Desert, Australia 

This massive desert is the largest parallel dune desert in the world, so this trip is not for the faint of heart.  


  1. Nordkapp, Norway 

This point is the most northern location in mainland Europe. You’ll see spectacular scenery and have a chance to spot the northern lights.  

  1. North Coast 500, Scotland 

This drive up the coast of Scotland will stun you with natural beauty at almost every turn.  

Tips to Make Overland Camping Nearly Perfect 

Overlanding is all about the journey, and part of that journey includes preparation. Don’t make the mistake of not having fun during the planning stage! This is when you get to do your research, set up your rig, and get all your gear in order. These tips will help you as you plan your overlanding trip. 

One of our favorite hacks for finding campsites is the iOverlander app and website. This map features over 220,000 overlanding campsites across the entire globe. Many trails and campsites are on public land, and therefore overlanding is completely free.  

The Overland Journal is a great resource for campers of all experience levels. Each edition is full of journalism, gear recommendations, and experience. The team at the journal has adventured on all 7 continents!  

With a rooftop tent, overlanding can be as easy as parking your vehicle. At Hutch Tents, we create the most affordable, durable, and high quality overlanding tents you can find. Hutch Tents will fit on most vehicles with roof racks, including trucks, SUVs, specialized trailers. 

Rooftop tents offer the convenience of a trailer without the extra hassle. Their high vantage point also guarantees the best views of every spot we mention above. If you keep your Hutch Tent clean and dry, it will last for years.  

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