4 Person Roof Top Tent

Are you passionate about the beauty and serenity of nature but hate traditional campgrounds? If so, a 4 person roof top tent could be just the right addition to your next camping adventure. Lightweight and durable, Hutch tents offers an innovative option to the new age adventure seeker.

Once you’ve decided on a roof top tent, how do you then decide which tent and company have the exact product to fit your needs and wants? We’ve put together some answers for the questions we get asked the most.

Why Choose a Roof Top Tent?

There are a few reasons why one would choose a roof top tent as opposed to an RV or traditional tent.

  1. Comfort: WIth a traditional ground tent, you could hunt for hours to find that perfectly flat piece of ground to pitch your tent. And even then, sleep would be uncomfortable and erratic. With a roof top tent, that step becomes unnecessary. Simply find a beautiful spot, stop your vehicle and pitch your tent.
  2. Privacy: No more nosy campers or curious animals to get in the way of your perfect camping trip. Simply climb your ladder and zip yourself in for the ultimate peace and quiet. You can even do away with neighbors altogether.
  3. Flexibility: When you have a Hutch roof top tent, the sky’s the limit. Whether you go to the beach or deep in the woods, your tent is ready to go. Conveniently store bedding and pillows right inside the rooftop tent to make room for other items.

Rooftop camping is the the most innovative and flexible ways to vacation there is. No need to reserve expensive campsites (although that is certainly a possibility), forget about camping with a crowd and even save money over an RV.

Is a Roof Top Tent Compatible with My Vehicle?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether or not a certain vehicle is compatible with our roof top tents. Our 4 person roof top tent called the Apex 3

weighs around 110 pounds and mounts flush on almost all standard trucks, SUV’s and hybrid crossover’s. However, we do recommend consulting your vehicle specs for more precise measurements and weight limits or or simply shoot us an email at hutchtents@gmail.com. We will do our best to find you answers.

Where Can I Take My 4 Person Roof Top Tent?

Whether you seek a sandy beach, the rough terrain of the forest or a Walmart parking lot when in between adventuring locations, a roof top tent can easily be pitched anywhere. Anywhere you vehicle can go, you can set up camp. Many have chosen the roof top tent to avoid earth roaming nocturnal creatures and insects, while many just seek solitude and peace. Say goodbye to sore morning muscles from night after night of sleeping on the hard, uneven and cold ground. Our built-in, luxuriously padded tent will make you wonder how you ever slept a wink without it.

In addition to our 2-4 person, our cozy Prospector 2 model adds versatility and comfort to any camping adventure. Choosing a Hutch roof top tent will elevate your next adventure and bring years of family enjoyment.

Reserve Your Hutch Tent Today!

Don’t miss out on a moment of your camping vacation trying to find the right campground to pitch your tent or level your RV. With a Hutch Tents 4 person roof top tent, you do away with those pesky steps completely. Simply find a beautiful location, pitch your tent and enjoy a restful night’s sleep. You can choose the solitude of being the only people for miles, or you can utilize traditional campsites with friends.

Manufactured to be durable and robust, our tents are compatible with most standard trucks, SUV’s and Hybrid Crossovers. Don’t begin your next adventure without ordering your 4 Person Roof Top Tent. Reserve your Roof Top Tent today! Simply shoot us an email at hutchtents@gmail.com or fill out this form for more information.

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