Roof Rack Tents for Car Tent Camping

Tents can make the camping experience more work and trouble than it's worth. Between the time it takes assembling the tent or the extra storage space it takes up in your truck or car, it can be difficult to find the perfect solution for your camping trip. With a roof rop tent, however, you get an all in one tent that fits easily on top of your car or truck.

Hutch Tents delivers a high quality, compact solution comprised of a tent that attaches to your car.

This tent is designed with ease in mind. It's extremely compact and easy to assemble to save you a lot of time on your camping trip. When you use a roof top tent, you'll be able to spend more time camping and less time getting your tent setup.

Read on to learn more about how to use a car or truck rack tent and what you can do as a roof rack camper.

Where Can I Camp with My Roof Top Tent?

Roof Rack Tent CampingAs we mentioned, Hutch Tents offers an incredibly sleek and compact design that is made to fit easily on the roof of your car or truck. The reason for the design is to make it easy for you to camp anywhere your vehicle can take you. With a Hutch Tent, you gain access to a tent that attaches to your car, which makes anywhere you park am instant campsite. you can park and make that your campsite. This makes for quick assembly, so get right to the fun.

Car tent camping is gaining in popularity and becoming more acceptable throughout the nation. Over half of states in the U.S. have campsites that are car friendly and allow you to camp next to your car. At, you can find a list of campsites in many states that allow car tent camping. These areas allow you to easily set up your tent from the roof of your car.

What Types of Vehicles are fit for Car Tent Camping?

If you are looking to getting a roof rack camping tent, you'll want to know if the tent is compatible with your vehicle. Trucks, SUV's, and smaller vehicles can all utilize these tents as long as they have a tent roof rack. The tent will easily attach to your roof rack where you always have access to it.

No matter the type of vehicle you drive, this is a lightweight solution that helps you save on storage space and equipment. The models of roof rack tents we have weigh between 95 and 110 lbs. Your vehicle's roof must be able to support the weight of the roof rack, roof top tent, and bodies sleeping in the tent. If you know your roof can handle that weight, this tent is a good fit for your trip.

Car Camping Activities and Recreation

Roof Rack TentCar tent camping lets you get straight the action. Traditionally, arriving to your campsite involves preparing your area for your stay This can ultimately cut into a lot of activities on the first and last day when you are packing it all back up.

With tents for vehicles, you have an easy solution to set up camp quicker than ever before. After your roof top tent is set, you can get right on the hiking trails.

The locations you can car camp offer a wide breadth of scenery that you can enjoy. For example, the Sagehen Creek Campground in Idaho is located in the Boise National Forest and features the stunning Sagehen Reservoir. You can enjoy a sandy swimming beach and many hiking trails in the area.

Pre-Order Your Hutch Roof Rack Tent Today!

If you need an compact and easy solution for a tent on your camping trip, don't hesitate to pre-order a Hutch Tent. Our roof top tents offer a sleek design that is easy to assemble, disassemble, and hitch on your car or truck. Act now because these tents go fast! Pre-orders are now open and you can find your hutch tent here today! If you have any questions about our roof rack camping tents, contact us here.