Ford F 150 Roof Top Tents

If you’re a die hard adventure seeking junkie but hate the traditional campgrounds, a roof top tent may be just the right addition for your next camping trip. Lightweight and robust, Hutch roof top tent is easily pitched in minutes at the location of your choice. No more hunting for the ideal place to pitch your ground tent and being kept awake by noisy neighbors.

Once you’ve decided on a roof top tent, how do you choose between the endless brands and sizes? Our adventure team at Hutch Tents put together this helpful guide of points to consider.

A Better Night’s Sleep

If you’ve ever camped in a traditional ground tent, you understand the painstaking effort it takes just to find a level piece of ground relatively free of rocks and tree roots. Even if you’re able to find this mythical piece of ground, sleep is often difficult to come by. However, our Ford F150 roof top tent will change the way to approach camping altogether.

With our Apex 3, Apex 3 Standard and Prospector 2 roof top tent models, you begin with a flat surface everytime. In about 10-15 minutes time, you can be sleeping on your luxurious included mattress. Why suffer in silence when you can be comfortable, warm and out of the reach of toothy creatures. Your key to a restful, peaceful nights sleep rests in Hutch Tent’s premium Grand Cherokee Roof Top Tent.

Say Goodbye to Traditional Campgrounds

For many, the reasons we seek adventure in the great outdoors is for the peace and serenity that can be found. The F 150 roof top tent will bring you the solitude and intimacy you seek. Simply climb the ladder to your own personal oasis, zip yourself in and enjoy the sounds of nature. You could enjoy endless days (and nights) without having to see another soul.

Whether you seek solitude or the freedom that comes from camping wherever your adventure takes you, our Ford F 150 roof top tent will bring you decades of adventure.

Quality and Durability

No one wants to buy a tent that doesn’t hold up to the elements. Waking up dry and warm is not something to be taken lightly. This is why we are proud of our products. Hutch Tents products are manufactured with the highest quality materials to be long lasting, lightweight, robust and durable. Here are some of our most innovative features:

  • Compact design allows for towing with a standard truck, SUV or smaller vehicle
  • Designed for easy assembly and break down
  • Our popular Apex 3 model comfortably fits 2-3 people. Our Apex 3 Standard model doesn’t contain the roomier extension of the Apex 3 model, but is equally comfortable. The Prospector 2 model accommodates 2-4 people
  • High quality, rip-top fabric canvas is: waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and offers UV protection
  • Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder
  • Heavy duty travel cover included
  • Built-in high density 2.5” foam mattress with removable cover for ultimate comfort
  • Rain fly is 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester for ultimate rain protection

Hutch Tents tirelessly strives to provide you with the ultimate in rugged yet innovative camping equipment at great prices. Our premium roof top tents fit seamlessly with almost any truck, SUV or hybrid crossover vehicles. You’ll never go back to ground tent camping after you’ve tried a roof top tent. Don’t hesitate, start living “the high life” today!

Is Your F 150 Roof Top Tent Compatible?

The most frequently asked question we get is whether or not a certain vehicle is compatible with roof top tent camping. This depends largely on the tent you choose and the amount of people you plan on accommodating. We suggest consulting your vehicle specs for weight limits or simply shoot us an email at We will do our best to find you answers.

That being said, Hutch Tents offers the Apex 3 with Extension, Apex 3 Standard and the Prospector 2 tent models. The Prospector 2 tent is a smaller tent that fits up to 2 people and weighs 95 pounds in total. If you are looking for a larger tent, the Apex 3 Standard fits up to 3 people and weighs in at 133 pounds. The Apex 3 with Extension will comfortably fit 3 people with easy accessibility and weighs in at 125 pounds. Each of these tents are excellent options for your next camping adventure. Don’t schedule your next adventure without reserving your Hutch roof top tent!

Reserve Your F 150 Roof Top Tent Today!

Whether you’re planning a big fishing trip and want to be close to the river or are planning a cross country national park trip, a roof top tent is the next generation in camping. With our quick 10-15 minute set up, Hutch Tents are compatible with most trucks, SUVs and Hybrid Crossovers. Don’t even start planning your next adventure without ordering your Grand Cherokee Roof Top Tent. Simply shoot us an email at or fill out this form for more information.