What Are Pop-Up Tents?

Planning for your bi-monthly camping trip with your friends can be a funny process. You get to discuss new travel routes or head down the usual road for a nostalgic trip. However, camping also requires you to have the right tools in order to have a pleasant trip. This encompasses the type of food you bring, clothes and even the tent you bring. There’s the classic camping tent you’ve used for the past couple years, but it’s starting to fall apart and takes too much time to put up.

You can always start looking for a pop-up tent, instead of using the same old camping tent you’ve had for years. There are even new tent companies offering affordable pop-up tents with a new twist. Hutch Tents sells comfortable pop-up tents, capable of sitting on the roof rack of your truck or SUV. Although, the similarities and differences between the two styles of camping are slight enough you can confuse yourself were you not careful.

The Difference Between Pop-Up Tents and Camping Tents

When you go camping there are a couple options you can choose from, but they usually narrow down to two main types of tents; framed camping tents and pop-up tents. Framed camping tents are the most popular and are seen everywhere when camping is involved. It usually comes with poles, rods and various materials needed to assemble while you are camping. Typically, it is harder to do alone because of the many items needed to come together.

The equipment needed will be added with your purchase, but the instructions can still be confusing. The worst part is you’ll also have to figure out how to keep the tent from blowing away or protecting you from the outside elements. Pop-up tents don’t require this amount of work. As a matter of fact, pop-up tents are vastly easier to put together. First off, you won’t need to spend hours trying to set-up the tent.

These pop-up tents only require you to install a few pieces together before it’s ready for you to sleep in. It prevents the frustration rising when building a tent with a friend and allows you to spend as much time in the great outdoors. There are even tents capable of sitting on the top of your truck or SUV, giving you a new perspective of your environment. Altogether, pop-up tents are vastly superior than framed, camping tents.

Why Should I Choose a Pop-Up Tent?

There are all sorts of camping tents out there for you to choose from, but many are deceptive about how well they can handle the weather and curious creatures. Fortunately, the high quality 600D rip-stop ventilate coated poly-cotton material Hutch Tents uses are capable of withstanding even the most hazardous torrential downpour or frigid snowstorm. The idea you’ll get wet from anything outside is laughable with these materials.

Not only will it keep out weather, but since it’s placed on top of your car rack the liquids falling from the sky won’t seep into the bottom of your tent. Additionally, the tent will come with a extended ladder to ensure easy access up and down your tent. Don’t settle on a tent with the possibility of being durable; choose something guaranteed to give you the comfort you deserve.