Roof Top Tent Racks

Are you having a hard time finding the time to go camping? A spontaneous trip to the outdoors can be difficult to pull off. A quick weekend getaway can work wonders for clearing your mind and give you new energy to face the week. Roof top tents offer a convenient, comfortable and fast solution to camping that lets you spend more time out in nature.

Hutch Tents offers a high quality selection of roof top tents that can fit easily on top of your roof rack. The Apex 3 tent can fit up to three people while the Prospector 2 fits up to two. Both of these feature a compact design that is easy to hitch on top of your vehicle’s roof top tent rack. Learn more about the great experience you can get from a roof top tent!

Find the Perfect Tent for Camping

If you are looking for more time outdoors, a roof top tent is the best option. All you need to hitch your tent to your roof is a roof rack. With a tent on your roof, you can setup a campsite wherever you can drive. Having the right tent on your rooftop, you’ll experience incredible ease when you go on a trip. Here are some of the ways these Hutch Tents ease the process:

  • Compact: Hutch Tents easily fold to a small square shape. On the Prospector 2 model folds to a 50x42x11 inch size. The Apex 3 models fold to a 56x57x11 inches in size.
  • Easy Assembly: The tents assemble easily straight from your rooftop. Simply remove the cover, fold the tent out, and it’s ready to go.
  • Protection: The quality of tents offers great protection from the elements. The fabric offers UV Protection and even protects from mold and mildew.

Car Camping

Car Camping offers much more flexibility because you can camp in an area right next to your vehicle. Wherever you can drive, you can quickly set up camp. There are specific campsites that allow for this type of camping and if you plan on heading to one, getting a Hutch Tent will improve your experience. You can park, fold your tent out, and get right ot the hiking trails.

If you are looking into areas to car camp, there are many campsites throughout the country that allow you to camp near your vehicle. The trend is definitely gaining in popularity and more people are seeing the benefits of a quick weekend getaway. With a tent already on your roof, you can get a campsite started wherever you park.

Vehicles Fit For Roof Rack Tent

If you are looking into roof top tents, your first question may be if the tent is compatible with your vehicle. Because of the light design of the rooftop tent, many trucks, SUVs and smaller vehicles can hitch a roof top tent. All you need to know is if your rooftop can handle the weight of the roof top tent rack, the tent, and the people who will be sleeping in the tent.

As far as the tent itself, Hutch Tents carries the Apex 3 and the Prospector 2 style tents. The Prospector 2 tent is a smaller tent that fits up to 2 people. This tent weighs 95 pounds in total. If you are looking for a larger tent, the Apex 3 fits up to 3 people and weighs in at 110 pounds. Both are excellent options that will provide optimal comfort on your trip.

Pre-Order A Hutch Tent Today!

If you are ready to go on the camping trip of a lifetime, don’t hesitate to get your Hutch Tent today! Our roof rack tents go fast but are available to pre-order now. You can expect your tent to be in within 30 days if you order now. Experience a the simplicity we have brought to assembling and disassembling your tent. You can see our stock of Hutch Tents here or contact us here for more information!