Tacoma Roof Top Tent

If your passion for nature is limited only by your ability to get a bulky travel trailer to remote areas, then a Tacoma Roof Top Tent could be just what you’re looking for. Simply find a nice, quiet, rugged piece of ground and set up camp right from your Tacoma.

Once you’ve decided to add a roof top tent to your camping equipment, how do you then choose the perfect tent for your lifestyle? We’ve put together the ultimate guide to choosing your ideal roof top tent.

Sleep in Comfort

As all nature lovers are sure to have experienced, the earth’s surface is uneven, hard and full of rocks. Sleeping in a traditional tent can be uncomfortable and can result in a definite LACK of sleep. Our Tacoma Roof Top tents will bring you to a whole new level of comfort in your camping adventures.

The #1 key to tent camping is finding an even, smooth and FLAT surface. When camping in rugged and remote places, this can be difficult, if not impossible to come by. With our Apex 3 and Prospector 2 roof top tent models, you begin with a flat surface everytime. Your key to a restful, peaceful nights sleep rests in Hutch Tent’s premium Tacoma Roof Top Tents.

Overall Privacy

So goodbye to traditional campgrounds for good with a roof top tent. Privacy is one of the most appealing parts of these types of accomodations. Not only will you have access to remote and secluded areas, you will have the utmost privacy in your tent. Simply climb the ladder to your tent and deter any unwanted guests, human or animal.

You will no longer by held back by the traditional camping arrangement with Hutch Tents. Camp anywhere you can take your Tacoma!

Quality and Durability

Hutch’s Tacoma Roof Top Tents are manufactured to be lightweight and durable. Here are a few of our most popular features:

  • Compact design allows for towing with a standard truck, SUV or smaller vehicle
  • Easy assembly and break down
  • Our popularApex 3 model comfortably fits 2-3 peoplle. The Prospector 2 model accomodates 2-4 people
  • High quality, rip-top fabric canvas is: waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and offers UV protection
  • Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder
  • Heavy duty travel cover included
  • Built-in high density 2.5” foam mattress with removable cover for ultimate comfort
  • Rain fly is 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester for ultimate rain protection

At Hutch Tents, we strive to provide you with the ultimate camping experience at affordable prices. Our premium roof top tents fit seamlessly with almost any truck, SUV or hybrid crossover vehicles. You’ll never purchase another tent. Don’t hesitate, start living “the high life” today! If you can drive there, you can camp there!

Is Your Vehicle Tent Compatible?

Many people question whether or not their vehicle is compatible with rooftop camping. This depends largely on the tent you choose and the amount of people you plan on accommodating. We suggest consulting your vehicle specs for weight limits or simply shoot us an email at hutchtents@gmail.com. We will do our best to find you answers.

That being said, Hutch Tents offers the Apex 3 and theProspector 2 tent models. The Prospector 2 tent is a smaller tent that fits up to 2 people and weighs 95 pounds in total. If you are looking for a larger tent, the Apex 3 fits up to 3 people and weighs in at 110 pounds. Each of these tents are excellent options for your next camping adventure.

Reserve Your Hutch Tacoma Roof Top Tent Today!

Don’t begin your next adventure without a Tacoma Roof Top Tent. Lightweight and durable, our tents are sure to bring you the comfort, privacy and versatility you didn’t know you were missing. Get more out of your camping experience at a more affordable price point. Reserve your Tacoma Roof Top Tent today! Simply shoot us an email at hutchtents@gmail.com or fill out this form for more information.