Toyota Tundra Roof Top Tent

Whether you’re an adventure seeking junkie or just hate having to reserve expensive camping sites, a roof top tent will have you covered. Simply set up camp wherever you park your vehicle and have your tent pitched with our quick 10-15 minutes set up. Say goodbye to the cold, hard ground and hello to Hutch tents premium included mattress that will keep you comfortable all night.

Let’s talk about some of the additional benefits and questions you may have about roof top tents. As always, if you have specific questions you don’t see addressed here, feel free to shoot us an email at

Is Your Tundra Tent Compatible?

Many people question whether or not their vehicle is compatible with rooftop camping. This depends largely on the tent you choose and the amount of people you plan on accommodating. We suggest consulting your vehicle specs for weight limits or simply shoot us an email at We will do our best to find you answers.

That being said, Hutch Tents offers the Apex 3 with Extension, Apex 3 Standard and the Prospector 2 tent models. The Prospector 2 tent is a smaller tent that fits up to 2 people and weighs 95 pounds in total. If you are looking for a larger tent, the Apex 3 Standard fits up to 3 people and weighs in at 133 pounds. The Apex 3 with Extension will comfortably fit 3 people with easy accessibility and weighs in at 125 pounds. Each of these tents are excellent options for your next camping adventure.

Why Camp in a Tundra Roof Top Tent?

The future of innovative, versatile camping is in roof top tents. Whether you want to hike in the Rockies or hunt sea shells at the beach, camping on site is simple and convenient. There are a few more reasons why one would choose a roof top tent as opposed to an RV or traditional tent.

  1. Comfort: With a traditional ground tent, you could hunt for hours trying to find that ideally flat piece of ground to pitch your tent. And even then, sleep would be uncomfortable and even elusive. With a roof top tent, you cut that step out altogether. Simply find a beautiful spot, stop your vehicle and, within 10-15 minutes, have your roof top tent ready for sleeping.
  2. Privacy: No more noisy campers or curious animals to get in the way of your perfect camping trip. Simply climb your ladder and zip yourself in for the ultimate in peace and serenity. You could even choose to camp in complete solitude, no other campers in sight.
  3. Flexibility: When you have a Hutch roof top tent, the sky’s the limit. Whether you go to the beach or deep in the woods, your tent is ready to go. Conveniently store bedding and pillows right inside the roof top tent to free up vehicle space. Proximity to hiking or ATV trails can be moments from your door.

Quality and Durability

When choosing rugged camping gear one of the biggest concerns should be overall durability and exceptional quality. Hutch roof top tents are manufactured with the highest quality materials available for maximum durability and longevity. Not all tents are built the same, and our high grade standards are what set us apart from the rest. Here are some of our most popular features:

  • Compact design allows for towing with a standard truck, SUV or smaller vehicle
  • Easy assembly and break down
  • Our popular Apex 3 model comfortably fits 2-3 people. The equally popular Apex 3 Standard fits 2-3 people with easy accessibility. The Prospector 2 model accommodates 2 people
  • High quality, rip-top fabric canvas is: waterproof, mold and mildew resistant, and offers UV protection
  • Sliding adjustable aluminum ladder
  • Heavy duty travel cover included
  • Built-in high density 2.5” foam mattress with removable cover for ultimate comfort
  • Rain fly is 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester for ultimate rain protection

We founded Hutch Tents as a way to bring an affordable yet comfortable off ground camping option to folks who were looking for a versatile and unique alternative to the traditional tent or RV. Our goal is to give our customers a high quality product that will last for decades to come. Enjoying and experiencing nature just got a lot easier.

Buy Your Tundra Roof Top Tent Today!

Don’t plan another camping adventure without securing your Hutch roof top tent. Whether you’re exploring the Mojave desert or camping out for concert tickets, this roof top tent makes camping easy with its quick 10-15 minute set up time.

Manufactured to be durable and robust, our tents are compatible with most standard trucks, SUVs and Hybrid Crossovers. Don’t start your next big adventure without ordering your roof top tent specific to your Tundra. Reserve your Roof Top Tent today!