Your Ultimate Guide to UTV Camping Trips

Side by Side Camping Trips

Getting in touch with nature is a pleasure only those willing to take the risk to travel and spend time outside as our ancestors did are capable of experiencing. Going out on your UTV, also known as a side-by-side, is a great way to spend time with friends and families. You can find tents for camping anywhere, but only with Hutch Tents are you going to find an affordable tent that fits perfectly for your next UTV roof top tent camping trip.

There are many people who go camping for work purposes and not just for fun. A majority of the people camping are families during the summer season trying to make memories. However, this doesn't mean other groups aren't willing to take the dive to acquire something new. There is a long list of activities you can do while you go camping, actually.

What Are Fun Things to Do While Camping?

When people think of camping, a majority of those who hear the word think of sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows and talking about memories. This is what camping used to be and still is for some people, but it isn't the only thing you can do while searching the outdoors. Depending on where you go, you can do all kinds of different deeds. For instance, were you to be in the forest, you can hike up mountains or go looking for treasures in hidden caves. You can even set up a scavenger hunt in the forest to find the most unique plant.

The forest is also welcome to a wide range of different animals, but make sure not to interfere with their lives since it can do damage to their psyche. Many photographers spend days in the forest trying to get the perfect picture for their career. You will be able to spend the weekend living in pure tranquility snapping photos with flare. Forests are even home to beautiful lakes, rivers and ponds, which have barely been touched by man.

You will be able to spend hours upon hours of your day fishing. Experiencing the fresh taste of fish you just caught can leave many lusting for more. Fishing isn't exclusive to summer or spring, either. Even during the winter months you will be able to fish, but during the winter you may not be as willing to stand in the freezing river until something bites. Thankfully, there are still things you can do during the winter, especially if it's snowing.

Snow-hiking is a prominent past-time in mountain abundant places. People will climb up thousands of feet to get a peak of the valley, and with the snow reflecting the sun's rays it gives a fantastic view of the land. You can even go sledding when you want to head back to your campsite. However, make sure you are drinking water during this season, because it is incredibly easy to dehydrate yourself.

Although, it's important you decide to go with people with the same interests as you. The last thing you want to happen is argue over what to do because you both had different ideas of what you wanted to do. For instance, people who use UTVs are going to have a different experience when they go camping compared to those who want to just stare at the stars. Being prepared for any type of situation being thrown at you will guarantee you have a joyful time with your friends and family, or just by yourself.


What's the Difference Between UTVs and ATVs?

There's nothing more exhilarating than going out into the forest and finding an elusive elk in the wild or a herd of deer grazing. There's a chance you will be able to bring your sedan or minivan into the forest, but they won't be able to get too deep. Sure, trucks are the next best option to consider when going camping; it's durable, it can travel through most terrains and can lug a large load if needed. However, a truck can be difficult to maneuver when in tight places or areas with steep inclines/declines.

Finding a vehicle capable of taking you deep into the forest, without needing to waste energy walking and searching for a spot can take a long time. Professional campers and nature explorers recommend using an ATV or UTV to get around these locations. Riding UTVs and ATVs are a great way to see areas you wouldn't have ever been able to reach just by walking. But, there are some noticeable differences between the two you need to be aware of because it can be the difference between a comfortable ride and a higher likelihood of injury.

ATVs vs UTVs


You might've heard the term ATV being thrown around in a sports shop or when you were camping. ATV stands for "All-Terrain Vehicle" because of its ability to be used in almost any terrain: sand, snow, dirt, mud. You'll be able to differentiate itself from a UTV by the classic straddling position many companies include. It's typical for only one person to use an ATV, no more than two; think of riding a motorcycle and having to hug the person in front of you so you don't fall off.

You'll also be able to pick it apart because it uses a handlebar steering. Once again, think of a motorcycle or bicycle and how you have to turn the wrist throttle to accelerate or squeeze the lever to brake. However, ATVs usually use a thumb throttle, instead of a wrist throttle. This gives the user more control over the speed and prevents the driver from suddenly squeezing the throttle when adrenaline kicks in. All you have to do is push the thumb throttle up with your thumb and it will move forward.

In addition to this unique driving style, ATVs don't have a cabin or a lot of safety equipment included. Without a cabin surrounding the driver and passenger you have a higher chance of injury were you to crash the vehicle. Granted, some do come with a roll-bar, but not all do. The worst part of ATVs is the lack of space you have to pack your belongings and tools. Typically, ATVs are used for recreational purposes, so it's not equipped with a lot of places to store your items. Thankfully, there are other means to transport you and your other camping appliances.


Unlike the trademark look of a straddling position, handlebar steering, and ability to move through most settings, UTVs (also referred to as side-by-sides) are equipped with a steering wheel, cabin and two-person seating. You and your passenger will be able to sit peacefully in the UTV without any worry of being thrown out. Your seatbelt will keep you snugly in the vehicle, but it's important to remind you to grip your seatbelt when you get in an accident. You wouldn't want to be injured because of the weight of the UTV.

Thankfully, the likelihood of you getting in an accident is low, as long as you follow the rules and don't try to do any doughnuts. UTVs are a lot stronger than ATVs, which means its heavier, especially since it has a cabin. This means when you do doughnuts you are flinging the weight in an improbable way, causing it to flip over. Nonetheless, UTVs are simpler to steer and control than its counterpart.

Steering the wheel of a UTV will give you the comfortable feeling of riding a car like you normally would, but with the ease of an ATV. You can even use pedals like you would with cars for acceleration and braking. No longer do you have to rely on your truck to get you to places when on-side or camping. Your UTV will be able to bring all of your belongings with you and you will be able to see new wonders people on foot wouldn't ever come across.

As a matter of fact, most UTVs can carry a minimum of 700 pounds, so you'll be able to bring all of your work equipment or camping gear. You can either put it in the bed of the trunk or on top of the cabin, but putting it on top will eliminate your chances of throwing your rooftop tent up there. Yes, Hutch Tents works with most UTVs, which is why we are slowly becoming more popular among the people who use them for business and fun. Although, it's important to know what you are looking for in a tent before you actually decide to take the plunge to acquire one.

Collage of vehicles with Hutch tents

Hutch tent on top of a white Jeep

What To Look for in a Tent?

When looking for a UTV roof top tent there are many factors you need to consider, but it all depends on what you want exactly. People who want more room in their tent or are traveling with more people should choose a tent with more space. Are you over six feet tall? Do you tend to get claustrophobic? Is being able to stretch an important morning routine for you? How many people are going to be going to UTV camping with you?

It's actually recommended to pick a tent fitting one or two more people than the number going. For instance, if you are the only one who is going UTV camping then a tent fitting two or three people would be perfect to have. You'll be able to touch your toes when you wake up and not have to worry about being scrunched up in a ball to sleep because you don't fit. It also allows you to put your belongings in the tent with you without having to sleep with dirty underwear in your face.

Going with people will actually make UTV camping easier, though, because you will have someone there to help you set everything up. Choosing a tent, which is easy to assemble and use is another factor you need to be aware of. You don't want to choose a tent taking hours to set-up because most of your time will be wasted doing this. You will grow frustrated because you had to devote a good portion of your day setting up a place to sleep, instead of exploring.

A tent capable of being arranged all within a couple seconds should be what you are exactly looking for. This means it has aluminum poles to prevent them from snapping when putting it together; as well as an aluminum frame so it doesn't bend when being used.

Additionally, a tent with multiple entrances will prevent the nuisance of having to climb over your friends and family to get out, too. There doesn't need to be more than three openings, but two will give you enough room to shift around the tent with ease. After all, no one wants to be woken up in the middle of a deep sleep because their friend needed to go out for the bathroom.

A tent using a deep zipper for the entrance will also prevent any small insects from entering, as well. Many tents will use materials capable of keeping out invaders from getting into your tent, but make sure you don't eat or store your food in it. Bugs and critters will try to break into your home to steal the food and infest where you live. Keep any food in your UTV or car for safe-keeping, because the last thing you want to see is a bear tearing apart your new tent all for some honey.

The most important part of a tent is what it's made of, though. You can pick a tent made of canvas or nylon but the problem with nylon is it will deteriorate quickly when you are in a sunny area. Canvas is made from cotton, so while it will prevent liquids from entering your home it can gain weight because of all the water it soaked up. Nonetheless, both materials are waterproof so you won't have to deal with your tent getting mushy or falling apart.

Although, it can still get steamy and humid in your home where you choose a tent with poor ventilation. Ventilation is key in staying comfortable while away, because an accumulation can make it damp and cause sickness during winter. An additional feature you should include with your tent is flooring preventing any dirt, mud, or gunk. Although, this benefit relies on the weather outside.

When Are You Going Side By Side Camping?

Now, there is no wrong season to go camping in; it all depends on your taste. Do you enjoy waking up in the morning to a soothing 73 degrees fahrenheit with a cup of coffee? Is the smell of fresh snow in the morning something you strive for every day? Are you searching for bugs and animals just coming out of their burrow for the first time? UTV camping is all about what you want to accomplish and then acting it out.

Unfortunately, the busiest time of the year to go UTV camping is during summer, when children are just getting out of school and families can now go on vacation.The weather is a nice climate for walking around in a t-shirt and shorts. You'll be able to spend all day outside exploring what the woods or desert has to offer. You won't even have to pack a heavy amount of clothes, either, since you won't have to deal with snowstorms or rainstorms.

However, with summer comes the increase likelihood of animals wandering to your campsite. Being unprepared for this scenario can cause you to lose your tent to their journey for food. Additionally, you need to make sure you stay hydrated when UTV camping in the summer. The sun can beat down on you and were you to use your UTV then you can pass out from heat exhaustion. The sun beating down on you included with the heat from the exhaust and engine can be a dangerous combo unsupervised.

Despite this, you'll be able to create lasting memories with your friends and family making s'mores or using your UTVs to see great distances in short times. Although, you need to be aware there are still places across the United States where light rain can appear in summer. Thankfully, your Hutch Tent will be able to keep out the moisture and maintain a comfortable climate within. Although, if you wanted to see a side of camping not everyone sees winter time is one of your best bets.

UTV camping during the winter will show you a whole new way the world looks, especially if you live in an area with snow. There's nothing more relaxing than looking out from your UTV rooftop tent with a cup of hot cocoa and seeing all the snow around you; you won't even have to hike up to a tall peak to see this. Of course, when you do go hiking, you won't have to worry about any mosquitos, bees, snakes, and bears like the people in summer do.

Although, camping in the winter brings a whole new set of obstacles you need to face. For one, you need to be mindful of the cold temperature and how it can affect your body. As soon as you start shivering you need to do something to warm yourself up. This includes getting wet when you are camping, even the slightest chill can lead to hypothermia. However, this doesn't mean you don't need to drink as much water, if anything it means the opposite.

During the winter, it's colder, so when you go hiking or ride your UTV you won't be sweating as much. But, you are still using up the energy you consumed from water, which means you need to continue drinking water. However, not many people do this and causes them to suffer through the feelings of dehydration. Despite this, winter is still a great time to go camping because it is less popular and provides you with an accomplishment after you've finished your trip. Additionally, when you use a Hutch Tent you will be able to avoid a lot of the obstacles other people face when camping on the ground.

Using Hutch Tents for UTV Camping Trips

There is a diverse range of UTV tents on the marketplace at the moment, but finding the right one for your lifestyle can be difficult. First, you need to establish what you are looking for in a tent and what you want to do when you are UTV camping. Luckily, our full line of Soft Shell Hutch Tents like our Ontario 4 can be used in any landscape and is perfect for most activities, especially side by side camping. 

Our UTV tents are made from waterproof, mold proof and UV protective material so you won't have to deal with trying to find a tarp to throw over your tent when it snows or rains. As a matter of fact, Hutch Tents are all made with rain in mind, which is why they come with a rainfly. 

You can even attach these tents to almost any vehicle! From UTVs to Ford Trucks rooftop tents like our Apex 3 are perfect for side by side UTV camping . Putting the tent on your UTV is incredibly simple; you just need to throw it on top of the cabin and latch it down. Putting it on a truck is no different, just a couple of knots and you are good to go. You won't even have to strain yourself since our tents are lightweight and can be easily transported from one car to another.

We've also included a ladder to ensure you can have a smooth way of getting down from your perch. The idea of having to hype yourself up in order to get down from your high-point is ridiculous, which is why we gifted you with a ladder when you obtain our tent. Don't worry about this tent potentially denting the top of your vehicle because the bottom of the tent is made with a 2.5" thick high-density foam mattress. Continue reading if you want to know which UTV brands are perfectly compatible with your new Hutch Tent.

Hutch Tents Perfect for Yamaha UTVs

A majority of people know about Yamaha and the many vehicles offered, but not many people realize you can use your rooftop tent for your UTV, as well. As long as your UTV has a cabin or rooftop you will be able to use this tent easily. For instance, Yamaha's 2019 Viking EPS cabin is sturdy enough to hold and tow up to 1,500 pounds. Those who need to load a good amount of weight for work or have a long camping trip planned no longer need to worry. Additionally, when you go on this trip, you will have a roomy setting to sleep in.

Our Apex 3 tent can actually hold up to three people in the tent. Remember, though, you want a tent to hold up to one or two people more than the number currently going. When a tent says it can hold a certain number of people, it means up to that many can fit. It doesn't matter how tight they are, at least two can fit. Sure, the Apex 3 can have as many as three people in it, but it's going to be a tight fit.

Typically the tent is used by one person or a couple because of how snug a third person will make it. You will be forced to keep your belongings outside or be forced to sleep with a pair of dirty boots in your face. Thankfully, the Apex 3 contains a little rain fly so your dirty clothes and shoes have a place to be stored without interfering with your life. Although, if you do want to keep your items with you because of a potential storm coming you won't have to worry about any liquid getting in.

The Apex 3 has 420-denier polyurethane coated polyester to prevent any rain from entering your short-lived home. The polyester will give it the gleam so many people seek, while also providing you with the exact solution to your dilemma. Using an aluminum frame will also avoid the frustration of trying to pitch a tent and the eventual breaking of your poles. Luckily, even if you did get annoyed you won't break our poles since they are made of aluminum. People who are tall won't have to worry about scrunching up to sleep, either, since it's big enough for them to stretch out when sleeping.

With the sleeping dimensions being placed at 56" X 94"L, it's no wonder why it's so sought after by those with longer bodies. The normal tent has a sleeping length around 88'', which isn't manageable for people who are taller than six feet. You will be able to travel for miles on end without needing to head back to a campsite because your campsite is wherever your UTV is when you use a Hutch Tent.

Kawasaki UTVs Working With Hutch Tents

Kawasaki is an incredibly popular brand when it comes to UTVs, but not everyone is using it to their full potential. For one, it has a cabin, which can be turned into a temporary living situation. Of course, we don't mean sleeping in the UTV; instead, we recommend using the roof as a place to sleep and relax when you aren't exploring the great outdoors. Your UTV is the perfect place to set-up a rooftop tent because it's perfectly flat and can carry hundreds of pounds.

Sure, you can place a tarp on top to block out the rain and snow, but bugs and small animals can still enter your sleeping quarters. Our Prospector 2 is a wonderfully, cozy tent to turn to when you want something luxurious at an affordable price. Currently, it is running for 999.00, while the average price for a rooftop tent goes for around 1,700 dollars. Granted, it might be a little smaller than our Apex 3, but it can still provide you with the protection and relief we all want in life.

Looking at a Mule SX 4x4 XC Camo F, you will notice it has a cabin where you can place your new rooftop tent. The cabin has a length of 106.7 inches and a width of 52.6 inches, but this doesn't mean you can't use the Prospector 2. Tent may have dimensions set at 48"W X 84"L X 50"H but it doesn't mean it won't fit. If anything it gives you more room to place your belongings. Your tent won't droop over the side either, because it comes with a 2.5" thick high-density foam mattress to sleep on.

Tossing this lightweight UTV rooftop tent up top will give allow you to avoid the messiness and cold of sleeping on the snowy or moist ground. Your UTV won't even notice the difference either since it can carry up-to 926 pounds. You will be able to bring out all of your work equipment into the woods and not have to leave until it's done because of how secure our tents are. Even if you wanted to follow the classical route of sleeping on the ground, you can and you won't even have to worry about the snow on the ground.

The Prospector 2 is made from a high-quality rip-stop poly canvas, which allows it to be breathable, waterproof, UV protected and mold proof. Winter time can open you open to all sorts of problems, such as snowstorms and rainstorms. Our tents will prevent mold from forming and ruining your health. Additionally, with you being able to sleep on top of the cabin of your UTV, you won't ever have to leave if you didn't want to.

It's important to mention, though, going UTV riding and camping can be hazardous for your health if you go above the treeline. Avalanches can occur from the slightest vibration and while our tents are secure, they are not avalanche proof; neither is your UTV. Don't risk your life just to get a better glimpse of the sunrise and stay in secure locations.

Although, not many people realize camping during the winter can still be dangerous for your skin. Sure, you are covered in clothing most of the time, but you can still develop a sunburn from the snow reflecting the sun's rays directly up at you. Our UV protective tent will ensure you never have to deal with the afflictions caused from being sunburnt.

Of course, you may be the type to own the Mule 4010 4x4 SE, which is capable of hauling up to 1,300 pounds of equipment. A good majority of the people who go camping with this UTV are in-tune with nature and know what to look out for. You might even be building a cabin on your new property, but still want to be one with Mother Earth. The Mule 4040 has two seats allowing you and your passenger to sit pleasantly, while also avoiding any of the dangers of being open like an ATV.

Additionally, with this vehicle you will have a trunk to pack your belongings and tools. Your new Prospector 2 tent can be attached to the top, while everything else is snugly fit in the back or connected through a hitch. You won't even have to deal with sleeping in your UTV or rent an RV until it's completed when you use this rooftop tent! Hutch Tents will gift you with everything you need to live comfortably in the wild; it doesn't matter if it's for a couple days or a couple months, you will have solace in your little home.

Polaris Models Compatible with Hutch Tents

Polaris is another popular model of UTVs capable of working well with Hutch Tents. Most of their products come with a cabin you can use to hoist your rooftop tent to. You will be able to traverse through your journey without any worry of wondering where you are going to sleep for the night. You will be able to travel for miles before you need to turn around. Depending on the UTV you use, you can load and haul up to 1,500 pounds.

Thankfully, our Ontario 4 only weighs around 140 pounds. Your UTV will be able to carry this temporary home without it slowing down in speed. You'll be able to bring along your equipment as well, since you will still have over a thousand pounds left over. You will be able to put the rest of your belongings in the trunk, instead of having to haul it around.

Additionally, when you decide to acquire our Ontario 4 you are choosing to acquire something capable of holding up to four people. Your whole family will be able to enjoy the outdoors during the summer without having to buy another tent for your children. You all will be able to sleep peacefully on top of the cabin on your UTV because when opened the dimensions are 65 x 96 x 50 inches. As a matter of fact, we can promise you will even be able to bring your furry friend and still have room leftover for your belongings.

You won't have to worry about needing a tarp to throw over your UTV rooftop tent either since they are made from high-quality rip-stop poly canvas W/R. This makes it waterproof by 2000mm, mold and mildew proof, and even UV protective. Don't worry about your children catching a cold because it is masterfully ventilated so you will never have to deal with the stuffiness of humidity accumulating. Hutch Tents are capable of being used for almost any vehicle you have, but getting in contact with us will affirm you are given the right answer.

Collage of vehicles with Hutch tents while camping

Who To Buy Camping Tents From?

Sleeping on the ground can be uncomfortable for most people. Granted, there are men and women who enjoy the cold feel of the ground, and will even go as far as resting in a sleeping bag outside without a tent during the night. However, the reasons tents exist is to give you some form of protection from the outside dangers. This includes any little bugs capable of injecting you with venom or varmints trying to steal the weekend's supply of food.

While it is advised to not keep any food in your vehicle or tent, there are times where you can't help yourself. Thankfully, Hutch Tents are made with strong enough materials where bugs and smaller creatures won't be able to enter your brief home. No one wants to come back from a long day of riding their UTV to find out their tent is infested with bugs. Fortunately, it will be rare for anything to invade your tent since it will be in a slightly elevated position.

When you choose to acquire a Hutch Tent you are choosing a tent giving you a new look on life. For one, Hutch Tents are rooftop tents so you will be able to see everything above ground. It may not be a huge difference in height, but it's enough to change most people's outlook on life. You will never have to deal with snow falling into your tent because it's accumulated so much on the ground it topples. Sure, snow can stockpile on top of your tent, but our tents are constructed to avoid this problem altogether.

We understand the problems people who camp face and wanted to work toward making a new and innovative way to experience nature. The classical way of placing a tent on the ground is outdated and leaves little to the imagination. A rooftop tent shows you a whole new way of camping at an affordable price. Most of the other rooftop tents on the marketplace can reach up to 3,000 dollars. We don't want you to spend such a ludicrous amount on a tent, which is why we make ours affordable and durable. Contact us now to learn more about our UTV rooftop tents or to actually acquire one.