What is the Best Roof Top Tent for Cold Weather Camping?

What is the Best Roof Top Tent for Cold Weather Camping?

While camping in cold weather is usually reserved for the more seasoned campers among us, we have a solution that even the most dedicated glamper will love. 

If you’re looking to get out into the great outdoors without sacrificing any of your creature comforts, read on as we explore the best tents for camping in cold weather.

What are Roof Top Tents

Rooftop tents are true to their name: they’re structured tents that attach to the roof of your vehicle. 

These tents provide more comfort than their ground contemporaries and can work with any vehicle with roof rails. 

There are two different types or rooftop tents: hard shell and soft shell. 

Soft Shell Roof Top Tent 

The most common kind of roof top tent, half of the roof top tent is mounted to your car’s roof rack and the other is supported by a ladder. To open the tent, pull down the ladder and the tent will fold open. Larger than the hard shell roof top tents, these will fit up to four adults and can include an annex that supports extra room below the tent.

soft roof tent

Apex 3: Soft Shell Roof Top Tent 

Hard Shell Roof Top Tent 

To open and set up a hard shell roof top tent, you only have to pull a few levers. This minimal process makes setting up and packing up very simple. Constructed of sturdy material like aluminum or ABS plastic, these durable tents are great at withstanding the elements when you’re camping in cold weather. 

soft roof tent

Bonanza 2 - Aluminum Hard Shell

Benefits of a Roof Top Tent 

In addition to simply being a really cool gadget, roof top tents can drastically benefit your  camping in cold weather experience. 

Benefits include:

Better Views

Roof Top tents provide quality views of landscapes. Since you’re lofted above the ground, you can see more of nature’s beauty. If you’re camping in the forest you can almost pretend you are in a tree house! Don’t forget the stars either, if you purchase a tent with a flap, like the Daly 2 with Skylights you can even stargaze as you fall asleep. 

Weather Proof

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow...you get the picture! Unlike classic ground tents, roof top tents can keep you dry during winter camping expeditions. Cold ground isn’t an issue even if there's snow or water. Due to their elevation, our truck tents provide an extra level of protection against the elements during your cold weather camping trips. 


We’ve mentioned it before but it bears repeating. With a 60 second set up time, roof top tents are super easy to set up. Just pull a few levers and you’re ready for camping during your cold weather adventure. 


A roof top cold weather camping tent allows you to bring a mattress, blankets, and heating elements that keep you warm regardless of what’s going on outside. Snuggle up and enjoy your camping experience!

Rooftop Tents for Cold Weather Camping 

Whatever your next cold weather camping adventure, adding a roof top tent to your to-bring list will only make the views that much better and the nights that much warmer. 

Our truck tents come in the perfect size and budget for your trip. From a two-person tent to a four-person tent - with or without skylights, Hutch Tents has you covered.

Waterproof, mold-proof, and made from rip-stop poly canvas, our tents can take your camping game to new heights. 

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