4x4 roof top tent

How to Choose the Right 4x4 Roof Tent

Are you looking for an alternative to traditional tent camping that doesn’t involve an appearance from pesky critters or harsh weather conditions? A 4x4 roof top tent makes for safe and secure sleeping quarters and can keep you protected from the elements.

Roof top tents for 4x4 vehicles are designed with convenience and comfort in mind. As long as you have mounting brackets, you have a variety of models to choose from that will provide a high quality experience and good night’s sleep.

Here’s how to choose the right 4x4 roof top tent for you:

Soft Shell 4x4 Roof Top Tent

Hutch Tents offers a variety of soft shell roof top tent models available, which may be ideal for something looking for a more seamless transition from traditional tent camping. Made from thick, durable waterproof fabric, the tent body attaches directly to the hardware mounted on your tent. The support structure has a zipper opening to easily navigate in and out of the tent.

This option may be best for the casual camper, someone who only takes a trip into the great outdoors on occasion.

Explore our soft shell roof top tent options, such as:

Roof top tent on a Jeep Gladiator


Hard Shell 4x4 Roof Top Tent

If you’re looking for a more elevated camping experience, a hard shell tent may be the better option for you. This tent model attaches directly to your roof rack and extends upward to set up the thick fabric walls. This is a more convenient option for someone looking for fewer steps in the setup, and can even be considered a more long-lasting option for campers with continual camping plans. 

Explore our hard shell roof top tent options, such as:

Grab Your Hutch Tent Today 

No matter what type of tent makes most sense for you, Hutch Tents has you covered. All of our tents sit right on top of your 4x4, offering vital storage space in your vehicle for other camping requirements or extra room for traveling comfort. Each tent also comes with a 2.5-inch thick high-density foam mattress and telescopic ladder for cozy and convenient sleeping accommodations.

No matter which option you choose, our tents are designed for easy set up and pack up. Start your summer off on the right foot and grab your roof top tent today or preorder one for the future.
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