How to Choose the Best Rooftop Tent

How to Choose the Best Rooftop Tent

This quick guide to the best rooftop tent makes it easy to choose the tent that’s right for your vehicle and lifestyle.

The most important factor to consider is whether a hard shell or a soft shell is the best fit for you. The shell is like the “roof” of the tent.

In the case of a hard shell, a fixed, fiberglass roof serves as a flat-top or sloped roof covering. The hard shell is attached to polyester rip-stop canvas walls. When the tent is collapsed for storage or travel, the hard top acts as part of the casing, protecting the rest of the tent components.

Soft shell tents, on the other hand, make use of the same polyester rip-stop canvas for the walls and roof of the tent. The floor and housing makes up the casing that protects the tent while closed. When opened, a soft shell tent resembles a traditional ground tent. However, the canvas shell makes these tents much sturdier and more weather-resistant than typical camping tents.

Hard Shell Rooftop Tent

There are advantages to each kind of rooftop tent. With hard shell tents, you gain durability over time. The fiberglass gel roof is very sturdy and can easily withstand weather and the wear-and-tear of travel.

Hard shell tents are also more aerodynamic. Hard shell tents offer more storage space when closed, so it’s easier to pack everything you’ll need for your camping or overlanding adventure.

Soft Shell Rooftop Tent

Soft shell tents, by comparison, offer the advantage of being especially lightweight, which helps with fuel economy. They also tend to be more versatile in style and configuration, with much larger options available for more sleepers.

In fact, many soft shell tents extend out or down, so you get the kind of space that feels like separate rooms. Soft shell tents owners say they’re easy to set up and use, because they feel more like the traditional tents most people are used to.

Vehicle compatibility

Rooftop tents are designed to be lightweight, so they hitch to most trucks, SUVs, and even smaller vehicles. Before you buy, you should consult your vehicle owner’s manual to get the vehicle weight limit.

Then check the weight of the tent, and add in the approximate weight of the people who will be using the tent. If the total weight is within the limits of the vehicle specifications, and the tent fits your racking system, you’re set. If you’re not sure about the weight and fit of the tent, you’re welcome to contact us here.

<>h2>Rooftop Tent Experience

Regardless of style, size, and shell covering, all rooftop Hutch Tents deliver the same outdoor adventure benefits:

  • Comfort: Sleep off the ground in a sturdy structure with a floor and a comfortable mattress
  • Safety: Avoid encounters with bears and other animals while sleeping soundly in the great outdoors
  • Quick and easy setup: Most of our tents can be set up in less than 60 seconds, and without the hassle of tent poles or stakes
  • Convenience: Because they’re in a durable casing, attached to your vehicle, rooftop tents are ready to go when you are—no matter how long your adventure lasts

Find the style of Hutch Tents that fits your lifestyle and your truck or SUV. Explore rooftop tents.

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