How to Build the Perfect Truck Camping Setup

How to Build the Perfect Truck Camping Setup

Devious in its simplicity and almost awe inspiring in action, camping couldn’t be easier, more convenient, and more comfortable than when using a Truck Camping Setup.

You take the tent, in all its glorious trouble; the hard to assemble, the inevitable dirt gathering and cold, rain soaked bottom -- and instead you put it up on top of the truck. That’s right--the tent goes on top of your truck, van or SUV. Devilish, no?

Unless you know what you’re looking at, you wouldn’t even realize it was there. The truck tent is formed with a large platform, which can be entirely contained on top of the vehicle, or which can fold out extending beyond the edge of the truck’s roof. This platform collapses completely into a flat-pack package that looks like a small luggage carrier. Folks, this is a truck camping tent at its finest.

When you get to your destination, all you need to do is extend a small ladder to reach your tent. Then, open the flat-pack, and unfold it into a wonderfully comfortable tent that will sleep 2 or a family or 4 - depending on your truck tent setup!

Some of the tents require a little bit of assembly, such as pulling out guy wires to run stakes into the ground, keeping the roof nice and taught (and keeping you from feeling the rain). But other truck tents are completely self-contained, opening up with the push of a button that will raise the roof and reveal sleeping areas underneath it. 

With your tent on your roof, you’ll have the entire bed of your truck to store any and all gear that you will need. Meaning that once you pop open your truck camping setup, you can simply toss a couple of sleeping bags inside and you’ll be sitting pretty for your entire truck camping expedition. 

A truck tent camping setup makes it easy to get out quickly and and as often as possible. 

With your tent set up in 1 minute it leaves you plenty of time to build your fire, grab a cold beverage and relax.

Before you know it, it’ll be time to bust out the hot dogs and marshmallows. A night of ghost stories and star gazing completes your perfect truck tent setup. Who said camping was uncomfortable or time consuming! 

Although not all of these truck camping tents require it, we offer truck racks for you to place your tent on top of. This is generally reserved for trucks that don’t have outer shells. These sturdy and durable truck bed racks fit almost every truck (contact us and we’ll help you find the truck rack that is most suited to your vehicle) and you’ll soon be able to get sleep in all of the comfort of a home bed--no rocks or roots jabbing you in the back while you try to make do with a flimsy foam pad.

There are a lot of ways that you can enhance your truck camping experience with our full line of accessories. Instead of a tent, you can get an extendable awning that stretches out over your truck or, alternately, you could get an Annex Room--a large second room for your tent which sits on the ground next to your truck so that the truck tent on the platform is life a loft to the large  ground-based tent beside it. There’s also a host of other features you can add to your truck camping experience, including LED lights, rinse kits, hutches and awnings, and privacy shelters.

Truck camping has never been more convenient and more comfortable than when you’re doing it with Hutch Tents. You’ll find all your truck camping needs and more.

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