Heating a Roof Top Tent: What You Need to Know

Heating a Roof Top Tent: What You Need to Know

Camping is a thrilling experience that allows you to immerse yourself in everything Mother Nature has to offer. But this doesn’t always mean that the elements will work with you - cold temperatures and inclement weather may interfere with your plans and make your sleeping arrangements less enjoyable than planned.

The weather shouldn’t determine whether you go through with your camping trip or stay home instead. Learning the basics of heating a roof top tent - and doing it safely - can make it easier to plan camping trips without relying so heavily on the forecast.

Here’s how to heat a tent:

1. Get a Roof Top Tent Heater

If you’re looking for a solution for heating a roof top tent quickly, invest in a roof top tent heater designed specifically for your camping situation. Electric fan heaters, portable electric radiators and diesel-powered heaters are three safe options to consider:

  • Electric fan heater: A lightweight, portable option that can heat your tent quickly. However, these tend to make the air dry which can leave you feeling congested at night and in the morning.
  • Portable electric radiator: Another portable option, an electric radiator will heat your tent well, but it’s not instant. Plan to get the heater started before you lie down for the night.
  • Diesel-powered heater: This option takes air from outside the tent and heats it up in the heater’s combustion chamber. It’s much safer than a proper-powered heater that could lead to carbon monoxide risk. However, diesel-powered heaters create an open flame, which could be a fire hazard. 

2. Invest in a Quality Sleeping Bag

Think about the bedding you want to bring along for the camping trip - is it designed to keep you warm enough when the temperature drops? A quality sleeping bag is insulated to keep utilize your body heat and keep it from escaping. 

3.  Insulate Your Tent

If you want an extra layer of warmth in your tent, consider insulating the whole thing! Internal tent insulation is designed to retain your body heat throughout the night, just as a good sleeping bag can do. 

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Inside perspective of a roof top tent

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