4Runner Roof Top Tent Mounting Guide

4Runner Roof Top Tent Mounting Guide

Toyota 4Runner’s are great vehicles for the adventurous type based on their safety features, power, and performance. If you’re planning a camping trip in the near future and you want to maximize the use of your all-terrain vehicle, you may consider investing in a rooftop tent.

Instead of dealing with the downfalls that come with ground tents, such as bothersome setup and breakdown, you can enjoy the convenience of sleeping right on top of your 4Runner. The profile design of this compact SUV makes for the perfect foundation for sleep setup. It’s the optimal choice for your next outdoor accommodation.

The best part? 4Runner tent top mounting is made simple thanks since it's already equipped with a roof rack. Here’s how to mount a roof top tent solo:

1. Remove From Box and Gather Hardware

Start by removing the tent and mounting hardware from the box. Beyond the bolts, nuts, washers, and sliders, all Toyota 4Runner roof top tents come with a base, internal frame, mattress, anti condensation mat, ladder and cover.  

2. Mount the Plates

Your mounting kit will consist of brackets and plates to secure the foundation of your hard shell or soft shell tent. Install a mounting plate to each corner of your 4Runner for perfect tent placement. 

3. Use a Hoist System for the Tent

If you’re installing a roof top tent solo, it’s in your best interest to use a hoist system for support. This is a simple way to raise, lower and push the tent into the right position without a second set of hands. 

4. Secure the Tent

Once your hoisting system lifts the tent into the right position, secure it to the mounting plates. Place your foam mattress and mattress pad inside the tent, ensure the cover works properly and install the steel ladder to the mounting hardware. It’s that simple.

Apex 3 roof top tent on 4Runner

5. Enjoy Your Travels 

Gone are the days of filling your 4Runner with a tent and other unnecessary accessories for your camping trip. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of having your roof top tent installed and ready to go whenever you want to travel. 

At Hutch Tents, convenience is important to us. You should enjoy the great outdoors during a camping trip, not waste time setting up a ground tent. Treat yourself to the best quality equipment that lets you relax and leave the hassle behind. 

Reserve your 4Runner roof top tent today.